Services to Biological Parents

Counselling Assistance, Pregnancy, and Adoption Planning

You may be finding yourself at a stage in your life when you have to make important decisions about your future and the future of your child.

Services to biological parents will involve counselling to assist you in deciding what you want for your child and obtain information about your options and rights including making an adoption plan for your child.

Services to biological parents will include counselling assistance in understanding the adoption process and exploring what kind of family you want to choose for your child.  You will learn about the legal process together with how the biological father’s rights are addressed.  You will also be supported to provide information about yourself and your extended family to be shared with the adoption family and to support the best interest of your child.

Services will also include receiving caring and compassionate support during your pregnancy, your hospital stay and postnatal period.  You will also be supported to consider what kind of relationship and communication you would like with the adoptive parents before and after placement.

Openness in adoption will also be explored which can include a broad range of communication between adoptive parents, adoptee, and biological parents.  

Biological parents can be part of an “Openness Agreement” between themselves and the adoption parents.  The Openness Agreement will describe the kind of contact you may have with the adoption parents and child following adoption.

This openness arrangement can include directly exchanging letters and pictures or communicating through an intermediary such as a licensee.  A fully open adoption is when adoptive parents and biological parents participate in meetings, exchange fully identifying information and manage on-going contact over time.

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