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Supporting Permanency Planning for Children

The SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) Homestudy is a mandatory assessment process by which an Adoption Practitioner assesses a family or individual who is considering adoption.  

The SAFE homestudy is to assess the family’s eligibility and suitability to adopt and to become AdoptReady for a private domestic, intercountry or child welfare (public) adoption.

The SAFE homestudy typically takes between 4 – 5 months to complete depending upon when interviews occur and the required support documents for the homestudy are received. The homestudy is intended to be a combination of information gathering, education, professional assessment and self-evaluation related to adoption and parenting.  

The SAFE homestudy interviews involves the Adoption Practitioner providing prospective adoptive applicants with education about the unique nature of adoptive parenting and exploring the adoptive applicant’s motivation to be adoptive parents.  The homestudy interview will also explore the applicant’s skills, personality, childhood experiences, current lifestyle, marital or partner relationships, extended family relationships, parenting, openness in adoption, trans-racial adoption, special needs adoption, child discipline and preparation for adoptive parenting.

In addition to the homestudy interviews, prospective adoptive applicants are expected 
to complete a number of support documents which include:

The review and 
signing of a 

Medical Forms



Child Welfare


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