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Pre-Adoption Assistance

Consultation and Assistance to Prospective Adoptive Parents

In order to fully respond to all inquiries prospective applicants have about the process of adoption, the following services are offered by Theresa.

  • Free Half-Hour Telephone Consultation
    The telephone consultation is an opportunity to discuss all initial inquires about adoption and to provide prospective applicants with an overview of the different types of adoption services in Ontario.
  • Two-Hour Office Consultation Meeting
    The office consultation meeting is an opportunity to meet with Theresa to discuss options regarding your adoption plans. See below for more information.


The office consultation will provide the following information:

  • Comprehensive information about adoption choices pertaining to private domestic adoption, intercountry adoption, and child welfare (public) adoption.
  • Review of the roles and responsibilities of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, roles and responsibilities of the licensee and roles and responsibilities of Adoption Practitioners.
  • The assessment process to become AdoptReady. To review details pertaining to participation in a SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) homestudy assessment and to review the details pertaining to the PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) training program. All prospective adoptive applicants need to complete a SAFE homestudy and PRIDE training to become AdoptReady and a recommended for a child through private domestic, intercountry or child welfare adoption.
  • Adoption resources are provided to support prospective applicant’s learning and preparation for their role as adoptive parents. Resources include - adoption websites, reading materials, support groups and adoption webinars.

Have questions about the adoption process?

From information about costs to how adoption works, I have answers for every step of the way.

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